Kicking off the new season

Kicking off the new season Blue Woman

We have made it through January HURAHHHH....and we have already had some deliveries of fresh footwear to kick off the season!

Not just two, but three new styles from our Danish friends at Lofina, plus we have some funky chunky sneakers by Andia Fora. 

Both footwear brands are produced in Italy (where else?!) and each style is super comfy with some ingenious design features...

Boasting ultra lightweight chunky soles, meaning they are not heavy or clumpy!

The 'Izar' sneakers are crafted with cutting edge jeans-effect texture printed onto the suede leather...You actually have to see/feel it to believe it. 

If you're new to Lofina footwear you're yet to appreciate the hand-distressed finish. They're raw and rugged as opposed to shiny and glossy...because that's just how we like them.

Take a look at the new footwear online here.

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